Tech Specs

Detailed look into The Coast Runner CR-1


Overall Dimensions (X,Y,Z) 270mm x 425mm x 380mm (10.6" x 16.7" x 15")
Work Volume (X,Y,Z) 89mm x 242mm x 79mm (3.5" x 9.5" 3.1")
Weight 19kg (42lbs)


Spindle Speed 1500 - 8000 rpm
Max Linear Velocity 2600mm/s (6141 ipm)
Max Linear Acceleration 250mm/s² (9.8 ipm)


Collet ER-11
Tool Diameter 1mm - 8mm (1/32" - 5/16")
Tool Length Max 3" (76mm)


Positioning Accuracy .001"
Repeatability Accuracy .001"
Electrical Probe Accuracy .0005"
Spindle Runout .0009"


Peak Cutting Power 375W
Continuous Cutting Power 190W

Horizontal CNC

Coast Runner uses a horizontal milling format, which minimizes complexity while maximizing fixture strength and facilitating chip evacuation.

T-slot Mounting System

Our t-slot plate makes it easy to use existing fixtures or create new ones. The plate mechanically aligns the part to the machine upon insertion.

Electrical probing

Coast Runner ships with built-in electrical probing for ease of use and superior accuracy.

Industry Standard Tooling

Coast Runner’s spindle is sized and threaded for the ER-11 collet system, supporting tool sizes up to ¼” diameter.


All Coast Runners feature an easy-to-access emergency stop button, along with built-in soft limits to help protect the machine from crashing into itself.

Quality of Life Features

A magnetic chip cover, a mirrored spindle chip guard and padded carry handles are just some of the quality of life features we’ve added to Coast Runner.

Viewed from left to right: side view, front view, side view 2, and top view.