True Desktop CNC

The World’s Most Powerful Desktop CNC Mill for Steel and Titanium

true machining

The only desktop CNC that can cut steel and titanium

easy to use

Our software makes CNC as easy as 3D printing

fully portable

42lbs and with a footprint of 15” x 17”, CR-1 fits in any shop

online community

Join CoastCAD, the world's first repository for shareable CNC

small package,
big results

The World’s Most Powerful Desktop CNC Mill for Steel and Titanium

Staggering Power For Any Cut, On Any Material

The Coast Runner has the power to cut the widest variety of materials on the market. Cut wood, Delrin, aluminum, brass, the full range of stainless and tool steels, and even titanium.

Unparalleled Rigidity On Even The Roughest Jobs

Our self-contained unibody design makes the machine more rigid than any other desktop CNC on the market, providing the capability to cut even hard metals.

Industrial Precision capable of creating professional level work

The CR-1 can hold true cuts to 1/1000 of an inch precision and can perform simultaneous three-axis movement, the standard for industrial milling.

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scale production with AI

Prototype and test new designs and machine one-offs in-house. Enhance your production workflow with CAM-ready files from the CAM Assist plugin, optimized for seamless integration with CRWrite.

a platform
designed for makers

Coast Runner’s CoastCAD is a design community for discovering, making, and sharing CNC projects.

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CNC as easy as 3D printing

Bringing milling to the masses

Our CRWrite software makes it easy to run premade and custom G-code

Guided mode step by step milling process

Manual mode power and control without complexity

Fusion360 plugins facilitate easy toolpath generation

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widest desktop cnc material selection available

The CR-1 is the only desktop CNC capable of performing true milling operations on steel and titanium.
Don't limit yourself to wood and wax.






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