True Desktop CNC
Milling for the masses

True Desktop CNC milling for the masses

Coast Runner is a 3-axis desktop-sized horizontal CNC mill.
It is controlled by the intuitive and easy to use CRWrite software.

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Small Package, Big Results

Coast Runner’s rigidity and power make it punch above its weight and outclass the competition.

Desktop CNC

Coast Runner weighs 42lbs and has a 270mm x 425mm x 380mm footprint - equivalent to a 3D printer. Fits in any home or shop.

Powerful Cutting

Coast Runner's VFD spindle motor spins at 1500 - 8000RPM and delivers full cutting power across its entire range.

Multiple materials

Powerful enough to mill aluminum, brass and even hard steels. Precise enough to mill PCBs and perform engraving.

Fully Enclosed & Safe

Clean and fully enclosed to contain chips. Hardware and software e-stops keep you and your mill safe.


Automatic bed leveling and self-homing means you can focus on milling, not calibrating.

High Precision

Movement accurate to 1/1000". Included electric probing makes finding zero easy!

Milling as Easy as Printing

Coast Runner's CRWrite software allows anyone to run their CNC mill

CRWrite provides makers a simple step-by-step interface that will walk users through each part of the milling process:

  • Assembling the fixture
  • Installing the tool
  • Probing the stock
  • Milling milling the part

CRWrite's powerful manual operations interface gives machinists access to the tools you need to get the job done.

  • Full grbl implementation
  • Fusion 360 postprocessor facilitates easy CAM development
  • Probing the stock
  • Library of custom M-codes for advanced operations

Milling for the Masses

Coast Runner's reliability and ease of use makes it the perfect platform to learn CNC machining

Add CNC to your toolbox! Coast Runner's educational resources will teach all makers to mill.

  • 100+ page operator's manual covers operation, CNC theory and more in simple steps
  • Coast Runner's educational video library is the best introduction to practical milling - available to all customers.
  • CNC + Printing = Making Unlimited