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Meet the World's Best Desktop CNC!

The Coast Runner CR-1 is a desktop CNC mill that packages the power and rigidity of industry-level machines into a small, affordable machine perfect for both new and experienced makers.

Learn, design, mill, and share your work with Coast Runner, the CNC that makes milling as easy as 3D printing

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The Power of CNC In Your Own Shop

3D printing brought plastic manufacturing to the makers - now let's graduate to metal manufacturing with Coast Runner.

The Coast Runner CR-1 is the perfect mill to make:

  • Automotive and motorcycle parts
  • Custom-engraved gifts and trinkets
  • Custom bicycle parts
  • Replacement machine parts
  • Any other metal parts you need!

Imagine what you could do with your very own CNC mill!

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True Machining! Mill Hard Steel and Titanium with CR-1

Other desktop CNCs max out at aluminum, but Coast Runner’s power and rigidity provides the widest material versatility in its class

Perform true, industry-level machining on all levels of steels, and even titanium. Perform adaptive cuts, drilling, boring, threadmilling and any other cuts you desire.

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Milling as Easy as 3D Printing

Take the intimidation out of CNC milling! Coast Runner's Guided Mode wizard will walk you through each step of milling a predefined project.

Browse hundreds of these free designs at the CoastCAD premade project library - it's like Thingiverse for CNC!

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Desktop Size and Portability -
Mill Anywhere

Industry-quality CNC doesn’t require industry size and weight

With a footprint the size of a microwave, CR-1 can be set up in your home, office, even your closet

Easily pick up and move the CR-1 wherever you need it

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Tech Specs

  • Closed loop spindle delivers full power across 1500 - 8000RPM
  • 375W peak cutting power, 190W continuous power
  • Industry-level rigidity provided by solid internal frame
  • X/Y/Z precision 1/1000"
  • Spindle runout measured at 0.0009"
  • Work volume 242mm x 89mm x 79mm
  • Desk footprint of 425mm x 270mm x 380mm
  • Total weight 42lbs

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