Coast Runner Direct Funding and Early Access


Hello all!

My team and I spent the weekend planning our pivot of the Coast Runner CR-1 project to a direct funding model. I will present the details below.

Direct Funding

For the immediate future, we will sell CR-1s via a deposit model. Customers will pay a deposit (currently set to 10% of the full price) to secure their spot in line. When we are ready to ship a depositor their mill, we will reach out to them and request a final balance payment.

Those interested can place their deposit today!

We will be officially announcing our deposit model at SXSW, and we will be launching new advertisements soon as well. However, our VIP depositors (those who paid $1 to join the VIP group) will hold priority at the front of the line.

Furthermore, we commit to maintaining our $2,349 price for VIPs, and to delivering the aluminum clamp kit bundle for free with a VIP’s mill. This commitment is good in perpetuity, no matter how or when you purchase.

Early Access

We will be producing limited batches of machines prior to our official ship date in September 2024. These CR-1s will be shipped out early as “early access” test / evaluation machines. The first “early access” batch may ship as early as April 2024.

We will be reaching out directly to VIP depositors to solicit their interest in becoming an “early access backer.” To be eligible for this, you must:

  1. Be a Coast Runner VIP
  2. Have put down a deposit for your CR-1
  3. Be willing to actively engage with Coast Runner CNC to help us validate our hardware, software and education model

If you think you would make a good early access tester, reach out to me at [email protected] to express your interest. Thank you!

Thank you for reviewing our plan. I welcome your feedback – please feel free to respond with any questions or comments.

Looking forward to continuing our journey to launch with all of you!

– Garret
CEO, Coast Runner CNC