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3D printing brought home manufacture within the reach of any maker or small business. But plastic has limits, and a maker’s projects can quickly hit walls from the fundamental weakness of printed parts. To continue the maker revolution, CNC milling needed to become as accessible as 3D printing. The world needed:

  • A low-cost CNC mill that could work with industrial materials – not just wood and wax, but steel and titanium.
  • A mill that could fit in any home or workshop.
  • A mill that anyone could program and run, not just trained machinists.

So we built it.

Coast Runner CR-1 is the world’s first desktop CNC with the power and rigidity to handle industrial materials like steel and titanium. Its strong internal frame, powerful custom VFD (variable frequency drive) spindle, and horizontal form factor are optimized for true 3-axis milling. The CR-1 outperforms every other desktop CNC.

As featured in:

This is no CNC router, capable only of engraving or light cuts in soft plastics: The CR-1 can perform true milling cuts, including full-width slot cutting, drill cycles, and thread milling in hard metals. The CR-1 contains the capabilities of industrial mills in a 42lb package the size of a microwave.

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